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Duplicate Package Finder

It’s pretty common to encounter a situation where you want the following question answered. “Find me the java packages in classpath ‘X’ which are already present in ‘Y’” where X = Classpath of an application; and Y = System Classpath or some other classpath I wrote a small command line utility which answers this question [...]

JavaPolis ’06 Talk online

My JavaPolis ’06 talk on “Java EE Enhancements for Real World deployments” is now online here. I’ve uploaded a PDF version of the presentation which can be found here. The talk describes key enhancements in WebLogic Server such as Application Libraries, Side-by-Side deployment and deployment plans which aid in real world deployments. Do let me [...]

Eclipse keyboard shortcuts anyone?

I happen to be an IntelliJ fan but seeing many of my collegues use eclipse, I decided to give it a try. The experience was really good. I could add have various unrelated projects open in the same navigation bar and work on a single one in the editor. I typically have a few skunkworks [...]