YQL @ Open Hack Day Bangalore

I recently had the opportunity to give a tech talk on YQL at OpenHackday ’09 in Bangalore.

Open Hack Day was an awesome event. It was very well organized and provided the ideal medium for hackers to put forth their ideas. Among the hackers, there was a lot of energy, enthusiasm and the will to do something innovative. I had the pleasure of meeting with a lot of the hackers and also helping answer their challenging questions on YQL and OAuth in anyway I could.

Being a developer of YQL, it was obviously very fulfilling to see YQL being used extensively by the hackers. After the electrifying weekend at hackday, I’m back at work building some cool YQL features.

Read more about hackday from the blog post on YDN by Chris Heilmann aptly named “We came, we hacked, we picked winners – Open Hack Day Bangalore was a blast” :-)

Here are the slides from my YQL talk at OpenHackDay ’09

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    Great story.

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