JavaPolis ’06 Talk online

My JavaPolis ’06 talk on “Java EE Enhancements for Real World deployments” is now online here. I’ve uploaded a PDF version of the presentation which can be found here. The talk describes key enhancements in WebLogic Server such as Application Libraries, Side-by-Side deployment and deployment plans which aid in real world deployments. Do let me know if you have any comments or questions.

JavaPolis ’06 was held in Antwerp, Belgium from Dec 11th through 15th. It had all the elements of a perfect developer conference – Beer, geeks, frites and more geeks. Our bea booth had Lafe on tap which made it a lot easier to talk about very deep and serious topics :-)
Thanks to the JavaPolis organizers for making the talk available online. It’s easily one of the best java conferences I’ve ever been too. Unconventional and original! is how I’d summarize the conference in two words.

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