Eclipse keyboard shortcuts anyone?

I happen to be an IntelliJ fan but seeing many of my collegues use eclipse, I decided to give it a try. The experience was really good. I could add have various unrelated projects open in the same navigation bar and work on a single one in the editor. I typically have a few skunkworks sandbox type projects which I work on while commuting (in BART) and I want them readily available. The other thing I really love about Eclipse is the startup time. I load up quite a huge chunk for the WebLogic code but I dont want all the code loaded as soon as a I startup. Eclipse really does this right and Intellij (atleast 5.1) needs improvement here. So far so good.

About Source Control
We use Perforce for source control here at bea and I’m most comfortable with perforce on the command line. I’m a person who follows simple conventions to ease my life (Maybe its because I read ). Every editor I use maps the F9, F10, F11 keys to p4 diff/edit/revert commands. Emacs and Intellij just work and have no issues binding to arbitrary shortcuts. But Eclipse just wont let me do this. I first downloaded the p4 eclipse integration which is a network hog and expects you to use the mouse and right click on the left navigation bar to just edit a damn file. I don’t like to use the mouse for every edit/revert or diff so I’m not a fan of this.

Its possible that I missed something but I couldnt find any way to map an external tool command to a keyboard shortcut in Eclipse. Do you know of a way to ease this pain?

Update: I tried Aseem’s suggestion and used ContextMenu plugin. It does work well but I still had this itch that I cannot set keyboard shortcuts in eclipse. Srinivasa Segu, another colleague of mine pointed me to and mentioned that this was requested in earlier releases but hasn’t made it into Eclipse 3.3. I wish this is made available and I guess I’m not the only one having this problem.


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    Here's my favourite…. Open any file quickly without browsing for it in the Package Explorer: Ctrl + Shift + R. This shortcut opens a dialog box that accepts the name of the file you’re looking for. It even accepts wildcard characters, yo. Typing * will give you the list of all files that ends with So everytime you want to open a file–stop that hand from going to the mouse, and press Ctrl + Shift + R instead!

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    sorry I'm not using eclipse keyboard.. I'm not a tech also, just a common reader of your blog!

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    I am a new user of eclipse too. One thing I like about eclipse is using the navigation bar for vewing many projects and I can still work on a single one. I didn’t know the shortcut so it will be very helpful to work easily now. Thank you for sharing. And share if you can find some more related shortcuts for eclipse.

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    Shortcut key's information really helps. Thanks mate

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    apparently i didnt used eclipsed keyboard yet. but i want to have it if i can.

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    im not used to eclipsed keyboard.

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    One thing I like about eclipse is using the navigation bar for viewing many projects and I can still work on a single one.

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