Rife: reloading impls

Rife is web framework which does more than your usual framework. After reading a little about Rife around the web, I decided to test drive it. The amazing thing I’ve found is the way it re-compiles your java files even at runtime so the build cycle is eliminated. Just modify a few files and test it out!. Here’s my check list for dev time reloading

  • Can refresh xml files which are used to configure the environment – Yes
  • Can it refresh resources/templates – Yes
  • Lastly Java files
    • Elements / Java classes responsible for the template population – Yes
    • Model Java files; POJOs representing the model – No (I wasn’t able to have these compiled automatically. Its possible that I missed some option or did not have the java files in the correct location. It looks like rife only reloads Element java files)

Looks pretty neat IMO. I’ll blog a bit more about Rife as and when I try it out.

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