Monthly Archives: January 2006


All I wanted was to write a useful document on how to use AppGen. Since I had to publish this on to my website at, it had to be html. Now I really am not big with WYSIWYG-editors so I was looking around for a very clean and easy to use html generator which [...]


Finally, I’ve uploaded an initial cut at appgen. The current version is 0.1 and links and documentation can be found at (Dead Link. Lost the code w/ the domain. In case you’re interested let me know and I can cook up some code over a weekend) The initial release can be used to generate [...]


No, I’m not apologizing for not blogging for so long. Infact after looking at my long history of blogging, I decided to update the description on my blog to add “Very occasional blogger” Its exactly a year since I last blogged and by some divine call I decided it was time to write another short [...]

Code generation using StringTemplate

I’ve been using StringTemplate ( for some cool code generation for some time and its ease has really impressed me. I first used it to generate some templates to send email and got hooked on. The simplicity is just awesome. After reading some codegen articles by Terence listed here, I decided to use it to [...]