J2EE Performance Profiling tools:

The last few days, I’ve spent most of my time profiling my code and trying to see where I can improve the performance. I played around with some tools and here is what i liked in them:

JProfiler 3

I should say that the JProfiler 3.0 tool looks refreshingly new. It has a great UI and its very well integrated with the IDE’s such as IDEA. If you like new UI’s like me and also want to get some serious performance profile done then give JProfiler a spin.

More information on the JProfiler tool can be found here

Optimize It 6.0

Cool thing in Optimize it is the new Quality Analyzer. It catches all kinds of exceptions, shows you if there is abnormal/inefficient growth in a StringBuffer/ HashMap etc. I really liked this feature. Its one way to catch errors early on in your project and keep your code sane.

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